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  1. Born October 28
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You are definitely one of those people to whom people come to whenever things get rough, a steady rock. You have a calming influence and the ability to tackle extreme situations with practicality and common sense and for that ability you are often put in positions of authority. You focus on always doing the right thing, it is your driving force, and at the same time achieve moderation and balance.

Born October 28

You will find middle way in everything you do. You will often find you dedicate your life to be the great influence to everyone even yourself, with showing stability and structure. You are obviously the one person who knows every close friend and family member to the point where you can pull them back to reality if ever things get out of hand. You are always the voice of reason and of course common sense.

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You however have to be careful not to take your greatest strengths for granted, as they may also become your greatest weaknesses if you loose control and take it to extremes. After all too much common sense can cause quite an imbalance, resulting in you either not taking any risks at all or on other hand completely going off the scale with self-indulging behaviour. So in that retrospect, the best way to work on your psychological growth would be to find a way to keep yourself in balance.

In your early years you are faced with challenge where you need to find balance between listening to your common sense in moderation and focus on your intuition as well.

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That is the only way to find what is appropriate for you to do in different situations. And just like every human you will make mistakes as well, it is part of the learning process, but you need to learn from mistakes instead of dwelling on them for the rest of your life.

Live with the view of the future, do not focus on the past. Later on in life you obviously get very fond of these experiences and will most likely be searching for more as you strive to expand your mind through those new experiences and will get into travels or new studies for that very purpose. You find your comfort in partners that are as composed and centred as you are, but in a way still need someone who sill keep you mentally and emotionally stimulated as well, as you do not get that with your type of personality much, yet it is important for your emotional and psychological growth.

And with that said obviously there may be some conflicts and tension arising. Choosing their priorities, they often rely on intuition.

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  6. They like to live a full, rich life. Those born with Number 14 are dynamic, hardworking and able to find optimal ways to achieve their goals. The changes are encouraging them and helping to be always in shape. Indeed, any change means finding new impetus in life, the emergence of new ideas and expanding the sphere of activity. In dealing with people Number 14 feels quite free, but sometimes they might be too straightforward, they should not bring their conversations to the thoughtless, harsh words.

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    Positive attitude towards life gives them the opportunity to have it all: a perfect lover, true friends, interesting and creative work. People of Number 14 should avoid indulgence, they need to maintain balance and harmony in life. Success in life is achieved through the moderation in all aspects of life. Emotional characteristics.

    Born October 12

    These people are not warming up immediately to anyone they see in front of them, and love for Number 14 is not a quick and easy thing. On the other hand, they have a lot of excellent qualities, and they usually are quite attractive to the opposite sex. They are courteous and diplomatic.

    The spouses of Number 14 should better be materialistic enough.

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    Someone who has another type of mind may experience some difficulties in communicating with the Number They do not really understand people who are not interested in money. This is the most usual mean of communication for those born under this Number. Sexually they are a very strong people, probably because they are materialistic enough not to fly too far to the world of dreams.